Friday, 12 October 2012

John Crouch Cooks Cumbrian

Renowned Cumbrian Chef John Crouch will be cooking up a Cumbrian feast next Saturday at Warwick on Eden Village Hall to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Carlisle Overses Aid Trust. Here's a foretaste:
Westmorland Soup (Tomato & Lentil)
Cranberry and Juniper Glazed Pork
Vegetable Cobbler
  New Potatoes
Penrith Spiced Carrots
Red Cabbage With Apple
Cumberland Rum Nicky
Tickets:   £15 (BYOB)
Date:   Saturday 20th October at 7.30
Place:  Warwick on Eden Village Hall 
            (just off A69 at Warwick Bridge)
Contact:  Connie Jensen 016973 42570

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