Friday, 27 January 2012


LAMP:   Tha knaws there's a play gaan on
PUMP:   Gan on--- there nivver is!
LAMP:   Ay, there is- yan o them bodies in t'Fountain Gallery tell't us
PUMP:   Divn't mention t'Fountain ta me lad- tha knaws hoo ah feel aboot that thing!
LAMP:   Ah git over thissen! It's nivver working anyroads.
PUMP:   And as fer that there F-f-f-f…. Gallery… it'll nivver work in Wicton!

What?  A play to celebrate the 750th anniversary of Wigton's Market Charter 
When? 30th May, 1st and 2nd June
Where? John Peel Theatre
Who? Collaboration between North Cumbria Scriptwriters and Wigton Theatre Club
Why? Because it's fun... and we can!

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  1. The Lamp, The Pump and the Throstle's Nest has now been confirmed as our title! Work goes on apace, and we now have most scenes drafted, and some very nearly finished